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Health, Safety & Environment Programs

Our services range from running awareness training programs, to launching and operating Health & Safety Business Units for our clients including the development of all operational procedures, safety systems at work, forms, permit system, audit reports, pedestrian/goods safe movement, emergency systems and safety/maintenance of equipment/tools.

We offer dedicated H&S managers and consultants to be deployed at our client premises to ensure the adoption of all developed operational H&S procedures and spread vital awareness to our client workforce of HSE.
Below are more details about our Fire-Fighting and Defensive Driving courses.


We have successfully launched a long-term Fire-Fighter Training Program in the Gulf region in partnership with the Fire Service College in the UK. The program was run over two years producing some 500 Fire-Fighters in 8 runs. Each run covered a Basic Training module, an On-the-Job module and an Advanced Training module in the UK for the top 10 students.

We also launched a broad Fire Career Development Program in partnership with the Fire Service College of the UK. The program started with 30 Fire students being assessed for one week then enrolled in 5-week Crew Command - Managing Incidents Modules as part of their career path to become Instructors or Crew Managers. This was followed by a permanent assessment centre to kick-off the development of some 150 Fire-Fighters and the establishment of a mock Fire Station for practical training. The top 10 students pursued their career development program at the Fire Service College in the UK to become Assistant Instructors.

Another specialised program was launched for existing operational Fire-Fighters to develop their skills On-the-Job. The program consists of a series of Experienced Fire-Fighter, Equipment Operator and Aerial Appliances courses. The Program supports the training, learning and development elements of the Emergency Response capability to equip members of the Emergency Response Team with the skills and technical knowledge necessary to carry-out their duties as competent Emergency Response Team members.




We also deliver a series of land transport courses including but not limited to Defensive Driving and Desert (4WD) Driving as part of our HSE commitment. The program is delivered by Safe Drive International (SDI) in Australia in accordance with Australian standards (identical to UK standards) with the Arabic version delivered by SDI in Dubai.

1. The Defensive Driving courses focus on both the practical and theoretical aspects of Defensive Driving and reflect the latest trends, advances and international driving standards in the Gulf Area. The course aims at encouraging a safer driving culture through raising the awareness of the risks associated with driving and promoting the defensive driving concepts and techniques.

Our Defensive Driving courses vary from a 1 day theory course to a 2 or 3 days theory and practice course. We have delivered a wide variety of courses in English and/or Arabic for individuals whose driving is part of their job, for other regular citizens and for individuals at a Top VIP and Senior management level. We had a machine called the convincer stationary at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kuwait, to support our driving training courses. The convincer is a demo machine stationed on a few meters high rail. It is used as a training aid/solution to push home the effects of not wearing a seatbelt and to provide a positive fun experience for those attending the defensive driving courses. The convincer moves on a 10-15 Km/hr speed down the rail and strongly crashes towards the rail end, totally convincing the user of the importance of the seat belt.

2. The Desert Driving (4WD) courses teach personnel who are required to drive in a desert environment how to operate the vehicle safely, navigate and survive in case of break down. The course covers a wealth of information which is essential for vehicle operators and indeed managers to successfully conduct land transport operations under these conditions. The course supports our ultimate objective to create a safer driving environment wherever we operate.

Defensive DrivingDefensive DrivingDefensive DrivingDefensive DrivingDefensive DrivingDefensive Driving

Defensive DrivingDefensive DrivingDefensive DrivingDefensive DrivingDefensive DrivingDefensive Driving

'Are you good in driving? How about defensive driving? Have you ever rated yourself on a scale from 1 to 10? What were your rating criteria? Do you want to know more about your driving habits? What will lead you to a crash? Are you a safe driver?

Try being one by attending one of our DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSES.'