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Whichever e-Service we offer, we always ensure that our Training & Consulting solutions make positive contributions to our clients. We always work closely with our clients to develop whatever processes are needed to reinforce the learning process during and after our involvement. Over the years we have specialised in offering the highest quality bi-lingual Training & Consulting services for various industry sectors particularly in the Middle East and Gulf Regions.

Our e-Services range from one-day seminars, to one-week courses & workshops all the way to one-year accreditation and vocational programs at all levels in the following areas:


Business Administration Programs
English Language Programs
Health, Safety and Environment Programs
Technical Engineering (Oil & Gas) Programs
Football in The Community (FiTC) Services


We are strong advocates of the European Excellence Model and use it in everything we do.
We will use that same model as our starting point to help you get on the road of e-Xcellence and help you stay there.

EFQM Excellence Model

Supporting Services

As a valued customer/partner, we can sponsor you to join prestigious organisations such as EFQM in Belgium or the IoD in the UK, etc.

We have access to a wide range of publications by our partners, forums and consortia. Please let us know your needs and we would be more than happy to process your orders on your behalf. Also if you want us to provide you with our 'essential reading' list, just let us know.

We can commission EFQM to assess your organisation on the Excellence scale. A self-assessment score of 300+ can put you on the road to 'Committed to Excellence' certification. At 500+ points you can apply for one of the top National or European Awards.

If your organisation wishes to take a break away from it all, we can provide you with all your training needs anywhere you like. Whether it is by the Red Sea, London, Paris, the French Riviera, the Cote D'Azur etc., our conferencing / tourism partners have attractive packages should you want to bring your family along!

Our vast European and international network allows us to specify, order and deliver uniforms, equipments, consumables, etc. needed to support our own Training & Consulting Projects or indeed other projects identified by our clients.

Want to hold an Awareness Seminar at your Organisation? We offer several programs covering a range of seminars, workshops and full courses in our two e's: e-Services & e-Xcellence. Please contact us at Training4Excellence@EuroServices-Group.com to select or tailor the program suitable for your organisation.