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Business Administration Programs


The Certificate in Business Studies (CBS) program is a unique program for which we have exclusive accreditation rights by HETAC (Higher Education & Training Awards Council) in Ireland. This program proved to be one of our most successful offerings.

We pride ourselves on having successfully delivered the Certificate in Business Studies program to several groups of international students. This is a 9 month accredited program at the end of which the participants receive the Higher Education & Training Awards Council (HETAC) Certificate in Business Studies. The program aims at developing the appropriate administrative skills of fresh graduates and junior employees to enhance their business administrative skills and improve their employment opportunities.

The program is designed to provide introductory Business Studies for international students as per the following modular break down:

  1. Business English (2 months)
  2. Computer Skills (1 month)
  3. Business Administration (4 months) consisting of: Intercultural Communications, Business Practices, Business Calculations and Integrated Marketing
  4. On-the-Job Training (2 months)


  • An assessment will be conducted at the beginning of the program to determine your level.
  • An exam will take place at the end of each module which will count towards your final exam results.
  • The final exam covering all the modules will take place at the end of the program before the commencement of On-the-Job Training.

CBS InstructorsCBS programCBS programCBS programCBS program

We also deliver short Administration programs in partnership with Irish and UK organisations such as Vision2Results (V2R), Key Performance (KP), Harcourt Business School (HBS), British Quality Foundation (BQF) and Institute of Business Ethics (IBE). The course durations range from one-day orientation seminars to four-day courses. After the delivery of these courses trainees receive attendance certificates in recognition of the training they received.

Some of the more popular courses are:

  • Business Writing Techniques
  • Organisational Skills
  • Audit Report Writing
  • Basic Managerial Skills
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Dealing with Change
  • Executive Secretary & Motivation Towards


Also we deliver the following three CMI (Chartered Management Institute) programs in partnership with Vision2Results (V2R) in Ireland and Yorkshire Business School (YBS) in the UK, to international students outside the UK.

  1. Level 3 Certificate in Management, which is a 1 year program intended for Managers or Team Leaders who have the authority and personal attributes to organise and direct the work of others and are expected to develop and maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of the operations for which they are responsible.
  2. Level 2 Introductory Certificate in Team Leading, which is a 5 day program that concentrates on the practical application of the theory and principles of team leading and thus provides an excellent foundation for the ongoing development of the team leader.
  3. Level 3 Introductory Certificate in Management, which is a 5 day program that provides an introduction to the CMI Certificate in Management. The program concentrates on the practical application of relevant management theory and principles in the context of first line management and provides a foundation for continuing professional and personal development in management.

In both Level 2 programs the first 4 days constitute the main body of the program while the 5th day focuses on the finalisation and presentation of a simple assignment that is performed by delegates during the day.

CMI CeremonyCMI CeremonyCMI CeremonyCMI CeremonyCMI Ceremony

We also offer a portfolio of short courses that are essential for business managers and are particularly key to developing new managers:

  • Managing Others
  • Managing Meetings
  • Leadership & Teambuilding
  • Business Ethics Program
  • The 4 Roles of Leadership
  • Six Sigma
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers


In partnership with the Institute of Business Ethics based in London, we assist in the development, implementation and embedding of effective and relevant ethics and corporate responsibility policies and programs.

  • We help organisations to provide guidance to staff and build relationships of trust with their principal stakeholders.
  • We bring our clients the best resources and expert advice in such a critical subject area for any organisation.


We bring you world-class practitioners to help your top executives return to the workplace with fresh new insights into what your company needs to do in order to stay ahead of the curve and achieve superior performance.

Our programs will increase an executive's confidence and personal effectiveness through the use of strategic management models, techniques and tools.


We run Certified Training and Personnel Practice Programs in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK.

We run these programs in the form of linked modules where the program length, content and emphasis tailored to suit our client's requirement. For example, if the focus is on administering the CIPD syllabus as opposed to achieving the CIPD Achievement Certificates, they can substituted by Attendance Certificates. Typically a pool of 4 instructors are assigned to deliver the 2 programs, each delivering a specific module.

  1. The Training Practice Program (TPP) is aimed at personnel specifically engaged in Administration & Training activities and is organised into 5 modules totalling 17 days and is delivered over a period of 2-3 months.
  2. Personnel Practice Program (PPP) is aimed at personnel specifically engaged in HR activities and is organised into 4 modules totalling 9 days and is delivered over a period of 2-3 months.