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Our Values

  1. CUSTOMER FOCUSED We are passionate about supporting our customers...their success is a key measure for our success.
  2. INTEGRITY We are honest, ethical and committed to our business values and principles.
  3. EXCELLENCE As strong advocates of Business Excellence, we fully understand the 9 EFQM excellence criteria and apply them to everything we do.
  4. RESPECT We treat each other with respect and dignity, recognising that innovation springs from unique perspectives.
  5. TEAM-WORK Everyone's collaboration and full participation make us stronger and allow us to provide a better service.
  6. CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT We take pride in being committed to continual improvement which leads us to mastering everything we do.
  7. MANAGEMENT BY PROCESS We operate as a flat, process-oriented business structure comprising processes and sub-processes overseen by Process Owners who hold full RAEW (Responsibility, Authority, Expertise and Work) for their processes.
  8. INNOVATION We try to innovate, break barriers, do things better than the day before and challenge existing constraints all the times.

Our Structure

The Group operates as an e-business in which all its services are offered through the best in breed of partners and service providers, each specialising in one or more of its business strands.

Gold Secretariat Ltd
- Our Company Secretary

Menzies (Chartered Accountants)
- Our Accounting Firm

Mossgroves LLP (Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors)
- Our Auditors

Royds of London
- Our Solicitors

OUR MISSION is to support visionary organisations pursue their e-Xcellence ambitions through our comprehensive e-Services

Our Profile

the EuroServices-Group was founded in the UK in 1990-91 around the time of the 1st Gulf War, working closely with the prestigious consulting firm James Martin Associates (JMA). During that time, JMA contracted the Group to support the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait to re-build its Information Systems. Immediately after the liberation of Kuwait, JMA expanded its Middle East operations and appointed the Group as its Middle East Regional HQ. The period 1990-96 JMA witnessed two acquisitions: first by Texas Instruments and then by Sterling Software, both based in Texas, USA. In 1996, the Group acquired Sterling Software Regional HQ in Egypt through a management buyout and added a new member to the Group, called Enterprise Solutions Ltd (ESL). ESL was then appointed as the sole distributor for Sterling Software in the Middle East & the Gulf Region. In April 2000, Sterling Software itself was acquired by the US giant, Computer Associates (CA). In Aug 2004, ESL and the Group decided to opt out of the exclusive CA relationship to give the Group more freedom to offer its customers vendor-independent solutions and services. Soon after, the Group opted to focus on its Training & Consulting business, closed ESL and control was passed back to the Group's HQ in Bagshot, England.

The Group is an active member of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), the organisation responsible for business excellence in Europe and the UK, respectively. The Group was part of Texas Instruments when in 1995 it won the most coveted international excellence award, the EFQM European Quality Award, something which shaped the future of the Group since then and up to our present day.

the EuroServices-Group has a large pool of European partners and consultants providing hundreds of quality instructors and consultants, typically overseen by two distinct Management teams: a European team and a bi-lingual Middle Eastern team, mirroring the European team. This way we are able to bridge the European and Middle East/Gulf cultures whilst being able to be fully operational over the different time zones, working hours, weekends and diverse national holidays.

Our Companies

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Organisationally, the EuroServices-Group consists of 5 divisions, specialising in various aspects of e-Services.

Group Registration: The Group is incorporated and registered in England, UK at 3 The Deans, Bridge Road, Bagshot, Surrey, GU19 5AT
Co. UK Registration No. 3360424, Co. UK VAT Registration No. 688 9497 37